Camera Poem

 Camera with your flash so bright capture my photos in the day or the night.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then lets write a book of the photos we took.

A perfect lens can make the pictures bright I love it when they come out just right.

With millions of pixels the CMOS is tight to take many photos that are sure to delight.

Even a compact camera will work, to freeze a smile or capture a smirk.

A DSLR camera is fun to explore with manual functions to help you do more.

Zoom in or zoom out when the focus is good, save this photo like I know you could.

Blur the background or pan for speed a perfect looking photo is all that I need.

When the sunset is perfect a camera is great, to save the sky’s beauty for a later date.

Picture of a sunset and a full moon

With a sky of darkness and objects so bright capture the moon on a warm summer night.

No offense film your pictures were great but developing costs I always did hate.

Digital cameras have showed us the way, we can now snap our photos and enjoy the same day.

Look through the viewfinder or at the LCD screen, I am saving this photo if you know what I mean

With the push of a button the shutter does creak, a thousand words this photo might speak.

Capture that bird with the spread wings in flight, capture the city lights in the darkness of night.

Two photos together, a red tailed hawk, and the city lights of Las Vegas Nevada
Save only the images that come out just right with a digital camera I can do it tonight.

So freeze frame that bear, that bug or a bee and show it with pride so others can see.

Three photos combined a bear a dragon fly and a bee on a flower

If you are shopping for a new camera we recommend

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